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Goals and vision

Clarity in roles, goals and responsibilities is important to be able to maintain high quality in what we deliver.

Vision 2030

We lead the customer's development through innovative solutions and is the leading manufacturing company in Sweden, niched towards welded industrial details and complete process modules. We are an attractive workplace where every employee thrives, contributes and makes a difference.


We aim to create a modern and attractive company for both employees and customers. With a clear vision, an elaborate structure and action plans, an easier way is created for everyone to work together to achieve the common goals.

Kaizen - continous changes for the better

To create commitment and participation, we work with Kaizen because problems are solved where they arise and thus give each individual the opportunity to change and improve their own work situation.

Kaizen is a tool for problem solving and handles solutions of everyday problems, which contributes to both efficiency and well-being. Kaizen can also på used to get ahead in the strategic work. As in all change work follw up is A and O to make sure that you have really solved a problem.

The kaizen includes finding and removing muda, gemba kaizen and 5S as tools together with QGA and PDCA.


Februari 2023

Vi har fortsatt en god orderingång och vi behöver bli fler, både nyrekryteringar samt ersättning för kommande pensionsavgångar. Är du intresserade av att arbeta hos oss, logga in på: Lediga tjänster

Utöver annonserade tjänster kommer vi att behöva se över vår administrativa enhet, har du erfarenhet inom beredningsarbete (gärna i Monitor) eller kvalitet, skicka gärna en spontanansökan till vår e-postadress career@nordholms.se

Januari 2023

Tillbyggnadsprojektet är äntligen uppstartat, bilder kommer att läggas upp framöver så ni kan följa projektets framfart.

August 2022

  • During august 2022 we welcomed 5 new employees to the Nordholms group.
  • On August 30, 2022, we received a building permit for an extension of 270 square meters on two levels.
  • On August 30, 2022, we launched the new and joint website for Nordholms & OMEK.

Nordholms 2022

In the fall of 2021, we started a project to change our production layout while continuously growing in number. It was an intensive work that we would never have finished without our committed employees who worked tirelessly on the sometimes messy workplace. The project has included production layout, machines and equipment, work methods and of course our work environment.

Nordholms 2.0

Nu är det dags för nästa version av Nordholms, vi har sökt bygglov för en tillbyggnad av svets och monterings-verkstaden, som vi hoppas få ett positivt besked för i dagarna, planerna är redan långt framskridna för Nordholms 2.0.e