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Assembly | Nordholm's

Over the years we have manufactured a large number of complex modules for above all the pharmaceutical and food industries and currently we two systems/week to customer.

To explain the complexity of our assemblies, a typical unit for the pharmaceutical industry consists of around 200 unique items, contains around 35 welding drawings and around 100 pipe welds. 

Our employees have a high level of competence in reading drawings and mechanical installations, and to enable a perfect work, we have several pieces of equipment at our disposal.  



Purchasing and warehouse/logistics

 To handle this complex type of system construction, we have built up an organization for purchasing, warehouse and logistics. Based on the preparations, which our project managers compile, material requirements and purchase proposals are generated in our MPS system. The MPS system supports traceability for the purchased material as well as for the material we manufacture.

Another important aspect is the long-term cooperation with our suppliers that we have built up, which leads to us solving many problems together.